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    FAQ – Common questions from the forum

    Unfortunately the last FAQ just dissipated. So here it is again.

    1. Can I take the mavic on Airliners? Check with individual airliners to ensure you take it safely.

    2. How do i take Panos? You will need Litchi, Dronepan or similar app to take the photos. For best results focus before starting photos and lock the ISO. Check by Dennis Baldwin on how to finish.

    3. Is Litchi worth it? Check out part 1 of my unbiased review here this is one of the never ending debates. In the end if it works for you, Huzzah!

    4. Will Litchi void my warranty? Another ongoing debate. The definitive answer is “yes”, but only if the accident was the direct fault of the app and only while using Litchi. If you use Litchi 24/7 and a motor fails, Litchi is clearly not at fault and you are still covered. If it has a fly away with litchi, just wave goodby to it.

    5. What do ND filters do? They get rid of props in the shot, jello and more like this video shows

    6. What do CP filters do? CP filters block sunlight coming from certain angles. most prevalent in glare on water surfaces. Watch this video to see how to tune them

    7. The drone crashed, its the Mavics fault? Read this then rethink the statement. Be warned that if you post video of it crashing and you are clearly at fault, someone will probably highlight it.

    8. Is there things I should do before takeoff? Print this trifold checklist to show you the processes you should be taking before each flight

    9. Is DJI care worth it? This is a personal scenario, see if it suits your needs. Other people (like myself) have found that their home and contents insurance will cover it. For those in the US, “state farm” will cover it for a minor additional cost.

    10. What video software should I use? Adobe Premier pro cc, Corel Videostudio, Davinci Resolve, iMovie, Final cut pro and Sony vegas are common answers. Some iOS and android apps will also modify, but only the downscaled phone video.

    11. What other apps are there for the Mavic? Litchi, Dronepan, Autopilot and DJI GS pro

    As more commons questions get asked, this will be updated. repetitive questions answered above may get deleted or closed.

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