Discovery of the 3 islets – Le Diamand – Anse Mitan – Martinique 972

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IRELAND – Aerial footage

Source: Tim Viltz "I used a Phantom 4. It's a fantastic drone and I can't recommend it enough." Music: "Run" by Ludovico Einaudi

Airline Regulations Regarding Flying with LiPo Batteries

LiPo batteries (Lithium Polymer) are delicate. In fact, they can be downright dangerous when handled incorrectly, as they can combust when they’re overcharged, short-circuited,...

DJI Mavic Pro

FOLDABLE FRAME DRONE IN A BOTTLE Crafted to collapse to about the size of a larger water bottle, the DJI Mavic Pro travels with a smaller...

Austrian Winter

What is a skiing trip to the beautiful Tirol in Austria if you don't take your drone with you? I had the chance to go...


Highlights from my trip to Iceland with friends From September 22-30, 2016. If you like to know more about me please visit Shot with: Inspire 1...

Powder and sunshine – DJI Mavic by Ben Briggs

First time out shooting with my Mavic yesterday. The portability is a game changer for adventure sports, will be going every where with me....

Who says drones cant do aerobatics

Why did i not saw this 2 years ago? It may be old video but still, only few or maybe cant even beat the...